Slipping into something new

December 05, 2017
Category: Property News

Hello from the Island House. Some of you will be seeing this small vacation hotel for the first time. Yet there are many that have been enjoying its charms for more than a decade. In fact, I've met some folks who can say nearly 3 decades. I understand! I have fallen under its spell as well. Some of the charm, however, is getting a bit rusty. We would like to invite you all on a virtual journey...a little journey of transformation. It's time for the Island House to get a make-over. In the age of 50 is the new 30, doesn't our beloved Island House deserve to age just as gracefully?


Don't worry, at it's heart all of your memories will be preserved. We simply can't wait to return some of the comfort and restore a bit of the shimmer and shine, so many fell in love with from the start. Please follow along, as this gradual transformation takes place. It won't be without its challenges but it will be exciting. We invite any and all comments and suggestions - we know its more than a courtyard style set of guestrooms (in a great location!) - it is a haven, for guests like you, who fill its spaces and create new memories. Please accept this invitation to be a part of this exciting time.